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Help us feed our horses, keep sessions free for Veterans

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Our dream is to make horseback riding programs and activities low cost and free for local heroes and their families. And we've been fulfilling this mission since 2006, introducing thousands of children, teens and adults to the healing power of horses! But horses are expensive. Here in Las Vegas at our HQ Facility, each horse costs us $250 per month. We have 20. We have to raise $5000 a month just to care and feed our horses, many of which are retired horses who can no longer turn a barrel, rope a steer, jump a fence or win a blue ribbon. But they are great for beginners, newcomers and those who want to love and learn about horses. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to have a reserve fund for feed, vet bills and human, end-of-life expenses. (It costs about $750 to end one horse's life.) A rainy day fund in the desert! Please be our hero and help us raise $25,000 to support the horses who make equestrian dreams come true for Active Duty service members, Veterans, First Responders, their children and families!